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for the work you do.

Are you or your team struggling with how to respond to mental health issues that impact the communities you’re a part of or the work you do? Do you need support to increase wellness and decrease stress?

Goldfeather Consulting can help. Our trainings are designed to spark conversation, inspire new ideas, and create positive change.

Let’s be honest: sometimes advice for supporting our mental health and wellness can feel a little simplistic. After all, if it were that easy, we wouldn’t be struggling, right?

We live in the real world, and it can get overwhelming sometimes. Systemic racism, political upheaval, climate change, global pandemics, and more. The world is becoming an increasingly scary place for many of us and we don’t always know how to handle it.

Goldfeather trainings are designed not only to educate, but to uplift, motivate, and inspire. We rely on research and best practices, and we run them through the filter of our experiences to make sure they actually work. If our trainers share a piece of information with you, you can be sure that they can vouch for it personally.

If you want some new tools you can use to make the world feel a little less overwhelming, spend some time with us. We can help with that.

Most of us have good intentions, but we don’t always know how to put them into action. Sometimes reaching out to help someone only seems to make things worse. Some of us have learned the hard way that wanting to help someone is easier said than done. 

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what to do when we or people we care about are struggling. Goldfeather trainings help to resolve the conflict by providing solid education about person-centered supports that honor and validate each individual’s unique experience of the world. Ideas like “Each person is the expert on themselves” may seem simple on the surface, but they’re the foundation of transformational change.

Whatever you’ve been through, we welcome you as part of our community. We may all have different experiences,  but we share common goals, so let’s learn how we can effectively support each other.

Change – real, lasting change – doesn’t happen overnight. It takes commitment, time, and effort to see major shifts happen, whether they’re on the individual or community level. That kind of time and commitment can lead to wonderful results. It can also lead to stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue if we’re not careful. 

Goldfeather trainings keep a tight focus on self-care and community care so we can continue to do the important work of creating change that lasts. We go beyond “bubble baths and walks on the beach” (although those are great too!) and challenge ourselves to think more deeply about what it means to be kind and generous to ourselves as well as to others.

We also talk about post-traumatic growth, an underappreciated reality in a world full of people who’ve survived hard stuff. Knowing that post-traumatic growth is possible can help make the long process of creating lasting change a little easier to bear.

We’re here to share solutions that are sustainable over time. And we invite you to be part of that conversation with us.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our participants have to say:

This training will inspire you in various ways, and potentially change the way you view society or your community, especially those who are marginalized within it.

The training helped me tap into my own humanity  I learned that I don’t need to “save” or “fix” someone; putting the person’s needs and agency first over my own ego will go a lot farther.