People with lived experience make the difference.

Whether the focus is on mental health, homelessness, substance use, or any other area of community wellness, the best people to change systems are the people most directly impacted by them.

But many employers still struggle with navigating the peer employment process, especially when it involves integrating peers into an existing workforce.

Change is possible. We can help you give your peer team members the support they need to succeed.

Committed to a robust peer workforce

Goldfeather consultants have both professional and personal experience with peer employment, from entry to executive levels.
Let us help you find the path that works for your organization.

Peer supervision comes with unique challenges that can differ from those in other supervisory relationships. As a manager, successfully supervising peer employees can mean having to learn new skills and adapt to sometimes counterintuitive strategies.

Goldfeather consultants have been on both sides of the desk, so we understand what works (and what doesn’t). Let’s talk about strengths-based accoutability for peer employees, harm reduction in the workplace, professional development, and more.

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining conventional employees is already a challenge. Multiply that challenge x 10 when it comes to employees with lived experience.

Goldfeather Consulting can help you figure out how to connect with and recruit qualified applicants, engage in equitable interview and hiring practices, retain peer employees longterm, and separate supportively.

The goal of any community health clinical setting or community-based organization should be to have lived experience represented at every level. That’s sometimes easier said than done.

As an employer, what’s your plan to help your team members get from where they are now to where they want to be?

Goldfeather Consulting can help you develop sustainable career paths for people with lived experience, clarify roles, clearly communicate expectations to peer employees, and alleviate concerns from non-peer identified staff.

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